The number of users that go to Google to look for answers and recommendations for their services is just huge! Google has become a vital part of the buying process since almost all businesses and brands have turned to it to maintain an online presence.

Google Business (GMB) is a free tool that lets the businesses and companies to present and promote their online presence across Google. It is an easy to use tool that allows business owners to increase their online visibility and get valuable leads by doing so. Let’s see why claiming a business is very important on Google My Business.

1. Competition:

In 2018, there is a hell lot of competition. Many times you start with a brand name only to know that a very similar brand name is already there in the market providing the same services. In another case, there can be a well-established different brand name as well that offers the same services as you. Between all this, you need to position yourself somehow, and Google My Business exactly lets you do so.

2. The “Google trust” factor:

Many times people google about the stuff they are about to buy even offline or look for a better suggestion as in where to buy such stuff from. Even though Google search listings can be manipulated, all of the users believe Google to show them exactly what they have been looking for. And they trust those suggestions by Google. This is why, if you make it to the top of the Map packs or the business listings in Google, you will be having loads of customers that are going to be yours!

3. Cost effective:

I mean what cost? Google My Business is completely free to use! But it isn’t the only of the business directories in the market. There are a lot many in each country while some are present globally that also show up. A majority of the users use them as well to get information about from where they should buy or where they should go. However, these directories charge business on a monthly or yearly basis which can go a bit harsh on those startups or small businesses that can’t afford it. This is why Google My Business is a much better option.

4. Other Google results:

It isn’t only about being visible on the Google search engine as a business. Once you set up your Google My Business profile and then link it to your Map listing as well as your website, you are very likely to be shown on the first page in all aspects. Which means anyone is searching for “plumbers in Perth” can end up seeing the same website in a Business listing, Maps Pack and the Google search result. It can end up in giving you three times more visibility than any other brand in the market.

Take it or not, Google My Business is the fundamental way to cruise through competition and get a profitable stream of customers locally!

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