Today, we are going to talk about why a mobile-friendly website is an hour of need in this time of cutthroat business competition. We are all aware of the fact that Google algorithms are ever changed. However, the question lies here why a mobile-friendly website is necessary for businesses today.

Let us ask you one question; is your company’s mobile website loads quick or not? Don’t tell that you still don’t have a website!

Google latest update has confirmed that it is very important for a business website to be mobile-friendly if you actually want google search engine to show your website in results. Surely, according to algorithms if your website loads slowly it will have to suffer the consequences. Now it’s time to call for action, Google is using loading speed as a metric for the mobile search result ranking.

However, at this time, if your website is not mobile-friendly, then surely there will be of no use of you high-quality services. No doubt that speed has always been an important factor in ranking, especially if we talk about the mobile-friendly website. However, the businesses with extremely slow mobile websites may easily see a great decrease in mobile organic rankings.

How does Google rank website

The question that how does Google rank website is like an easy question with difficult explanation. As we all know that Google’s way of ranking the websites have never been clear and may not be. However, Google always gives us hints to keep our morale high to get the top ranking in this tough competition. 

Anyhow, there are a lot of strategies and SEO techniques that one can apply to get high ranking in Google Search Engine. The important thing is how you adopt all these strategies to climb high to get the ranking ladder. There are some of the points that you need to keep in your mind to get high ranking.

  • Always write quality content with relevant data
  • It’s beneficial to find link building opportunities
    for your website
  • Obviously, relevant keywords can help you to achieve your goal. So always use relevant phrases & keywords
  • Social sharing is also an important factor

It’s necessary to tell the audience about your product/services. How are they supposed to visit your website if they are not aware of your services?These are some of the factors that are revealed by Google to help the businesses to get higher rankings.

Customer leave those websites that are not user-friendly

Another main reason apart from ranking factor is customers hate to wait to load the website. Nowadays people are more mobile savvy so it is important to keep your website mobile-friendly if you want brand recognition among people. Most of the users wait 10-15 second to load a website. However, if the site fails to do so, surely there will be fewer sales as compared to those who have great mobile-friendly websites. These are some of the points that you need to keep in mind. 

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